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The sacred home of Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity revered as the Supreme Being, is Kedarnath. The location is in the Rudraprayag District of Uttrakhand at an elevation of 11,755 feet above sea level. It is stated that Lord Shiva first chose BadrinathDham for his meditation before choosing KedarnathDham in Uttrakhand. But because Hindu God Lord Vishnu preferred Badrinath for his meditation, Lord Shiva was forced to relocate to Kedarnath.

Devotees who wish to travel to Kedarnath each year in order to obtain the blessings of the Supreme Lord may do so beginning in the first week of May when the Kapat will be open for visits. A Bhairavnath Puja will be performed at Ukimath as is customary every year prior to the Kapat’s opening. Schedule your Kedarnath Yatra with The Adi Kailash with the most affordable Kedarnath tour package from Delhi

Places to Visit in Kedarnath


A Bhairavnath Puja will be performed at Ukimath as is customary every year prior to the Kapat’s opening. Schedule your kedarnath package from Delhi with TheAdiKailash.



Atop 1829 m. On the banks of the rivers, Mandakini and Basuki’s confluence is a tiny village called Sonprayag. With the hope of achieving nirvana, devotees immerse themselves in the sacred waters.

Kedarnath Temple

One of India’s most revered temples and most important sites for Hindu pilgrims is Kedarnath Temple. Kedarnath is the most venerated of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India that are devoted to Lord Shiva and are a part of the Chhota Char DhamYatra in Uttarakhand. Visitors visiting this temple, according to devotees, will be liberated from the cycle of life.


Vasuki Tal

Vasuki Tal, a lake at a height of 4135 meters, provides a view of the Chaukhamba peaks nearby. This would be the perfect area to climb up for trekkers. On the way to the lake are the glaciers Chaturangi and Vasuki.

Shankaracharya Temple

This sacred shrine and one of SriSankaracharya’s four Mathas are thought to have been built in the eighth century when the Adwaita Philosopher reached Nirvana at the age of 32.

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Triyuginarayan Temple-kedarnath-tour-package-from-delhi


It is thought that this temple was the site of Lord Shiva and Parvati’s nuptials. You may get to this location from Son Prayag by doing a quick 5 km journey. Additionally, the flame that witnessed the marriage continues to burn in front of the temple today.

Bhairavnath Temple

The venerated Hindu deity Lord Bhairav is housed in the Bhairavnath Temple, which is 500 meters south of the Kedarnath Temple. It gives stunning views of the surrounding Himalayas and the entire Kedarnath valley below because it is positioned on top of a mound. Because Lord Bhairav is thought to be Lord Shiva’s primary gana, the shrine is of even greater significance.

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