Chota Kailash Yatra Tour Package

After Mount Kailash in Tibet, Chota Kailash, also known as Baba Kailash, is the most significant mountain of the five Kailash. Chota Kailash Peak, which may be found in the Pithoragarh district’s Kumaon region, is 19500 feet above sea level.

Since the chota kailash yatra path became motor able two years ago, it has seen a number of pilgrims. Chota Kailash is look alike Mt. Kailash and has the same power, energy, and beautiful terrains. The entire trip to Chota Kailash yatra is motorable, and the surroundings are stunning. However, a 6-7 km hike to Parvati Sarovar and Gauri Kund is optional.

Starting in Kathgodam, Uttarakhand, the Chota Kailash yatra tour takes 8 days to complete the cycle. There are many waterfalls along the yatra’s course, which is full of scenic natural beauty. While in Pithoragarh, you can participate in the Chota Kailash and Om Parvat Yatra and take in Bhimtal’s stunning splendour.

After a significant journey to a serene setting, you arrive at the wonderful town of Jeolingkong, from which you can see the moving Chota Kailash mountain range.

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